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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Core Curriculum Credential

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The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential is a set of core courses considered to be the foundation for a well-rounded education. It consists of a minimum of 37 credit hours from a set of courses from communications, mathematics, life and physical science, social sciences, and humanities and fine arts. Successful completion of the GECC Credential will provide students with a seamless transfer to any participating associate or bachelor’s degree program. It is not a workforce certificate nor an industry-recognized credential.

The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) is composed of all Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) approved general education courses. For specific course listings, see the listing of IAI General Education Core Curriculum courses. The IAI equivalent code is listed in the right-hand column. This list is periodically updated, but always check with an advisor for the most current information. Students are required to complete 37-41 credit hours in the areas of:

I. Communication

9 Credit Hours

Including a two-course sequence in writing and one course in oral communications.

II. Humanities & Fine Arts

9 Credit Hours

Must include one course in humanities, one course in fine arts, and one in either humanities or fine arts.

Humanities/Fine Arts

(These three courses can be either a humanities or fine arts)

IV. Physical and Life Sciences

7-8 Credit Hours

Must include a course in life science and a course in physical science, and a lab corresponding to one of these courses.

Transfer Guarantee

Kishwaukee College is committed to facilitating articulation between the College and other higher education institutions. The College states that courses approved for transfer to any state or private college or university in Illinois that has voluntarily complied with the Illinois Articulation Agreement or affords compact benefits, will be honored either as program requirements or electives. If they are not, and all provisions of the Transfer Guarantee are followed, the College will refund all tuition and fees paid for such courses within 60 days.

  1. Students must complete approved coursework toward an approved baccalaureate/transfer degree at Kishwaukee. Students who complete an approved baccalaureate/transfer degree at Kishwaukee as of December 1993 or after are eligible.
  2. The student must earn at least a grade of “C” for the course(s) and comply with any sequencing or other special requirements.
  3. The student must make a claim under this guarantee as stipulated herein within one year after completion of an approved baccalaureate/transfer degree or following an official evaluation of coursework by an institution recognized by this guarantee. A claim is filed by contacting the Vice President of Student Services in writing within 60 days after learning that course credit has been declined or refused. All copies of correspondence related to the transfer credit must accompany the notice.
  4. The student must cooperate fully with Kishwaukee College in its efforts to have the credit transferred or accepted by the transfer institution, and must give any necessary consents or releases regarding student records.
  5. Following the completion of the 15th hour and prior to registration for additional hours, the student must identify an intended four-year transfer college or university that affords compact benefits or follows the Illinois Articulation Agreement guidelines. The 15 hours of work must be taken from general education or open electives that are applicable to an approved baccalaureate/transfer degree.

    Note: An institution may award fewer credits for the course than Kishwaukee awards; this statement applies only when the transfer institution awards no credits.

These provisions do not assure the graduate that the letter grade earned at Kishwaukee College for the course will be considered by the transfer institution for determining the grade point average, honors, or other purposes, but only that the transfer institution will grant at least elective credit.

These provisions do not apply to Kishwaukee College courses not awarded credit by a senior institution as a result of the student exceeding the four-year school’s maximum number of credit hours allowed in course transfer from a community college or exceeding the maximum allowable discipline hours of the senior institution such as physical education activity courses or other similar discipline limits to credit. Developmental courses at Kishwaukee College are not included as a part of these provisions.

These provisions make no representation regarding the graduate being admitted to a four-year college or university as each determines its own admission criteria.

The College’s liability is limited to the compensation stated herein.