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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog


Applying for Graduation

Candidates for graduation must file a Graduation Application online via myKish Self-Service at the beginning of their last semester or term of degree or certificate course work. Students expecting to complete requirements for more than one degree or certificate program must complete a separate Graduation Application for each degree or certificate program. Graduation applications must be submitted by the deadline listed in the Class Schedule for the term in which the student intends to complete degree or certificate requirements.

Prior to registration for their last semester or term of coursework, students should schedule an Academic Advising appointment with their assigned academic advisor for a review of the outstanding requirements remaining for graduation. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all graduation requirements are satisfied.

Students who have attended other colleges or universities must have official transcripts sent to Student Services at Kishwaukee College from each school previously attended. Evaluation of records toward degree or certificate requirements cannot be completed until official transcripts from each college are on file in Student Services.

Commencement ceremonies are held in May and December of each year. Students who have completed degree or certificate requirements at the end of the previous summer term will be invited to participate in one of these ceremonies.

Catalog for Graduation
  • Students Pursuing the Transfer Degrees - A.A., A.S., A.E.S., and A.F.A.

Students must follow the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of entry or any catalog published thereafter. However, no student may graduate using the requirements of a Kishwaukee College Catalog that is more than five years old prior to the date of graduation.

  • Students Pursuing the Career/Occupational Degrees and Certificates - A.A.S., Certificate of Completion

Students may fulfill the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of their initial enrollment in career credit courses at Kishwaukee College, provided at least one successfully completed course is applicable towards the student’s degree or certificate. However, no student may graduate using the requirements of a Kishwaukee College Catalog that is more than five years old prior to the date of graduation.

In the event of curricular changes or time limitations in program approval by the Illinois Community College Board, adjustments may be made to a student’s degree program or certificate program. The student may be required to satisfy requirements listed under the current catalog. Every effort will be made to apply coursework completed toward current certificate/degree requirements. Course substitutions for an applied degree or certificate of completion will be recommended by the appropriate faculty, approved by the instructional dean, and submitted to the Student Services office in writing.

Degree and/or Certificate of Completion Requirements
  1. Complete specific course and program requirements as outlined in the Transfer Programs or Career/Occupational Programs section of the college catalog. Each curriculum identifies the specific course requirements needed to complete the degree or certificate.
  2. Meet the College’s academic residency requirement: a minimum of 15 credit hours in 100/200 level Kishwaukee College coursework, applicable to the degree, for each degree earned. (See chart under Residency Requirements)
  3. Fulfill the grade point average requirement of an overall 2.000 GPA in all required and elective coursework applicable to the specific degree program requirement.
  4. Resolve any incomplete grades in Kishwaukee College coursework.
  5. Apply for graduation in myKish Self-Service.
Residency Requirements

Candidates for degrees and certificates must earn in residence a minimum of 15 credit hours in 100/200-level coursework through Kishwaukee College. The 15 credit hour residency requirement is applicable for each degree received through Kishwaukee College. For example, students receiving two degrees must earn at least 30 credit hours of credit in college-level coursework through Kishwaukee College.

Credit Hours Required for Degree or Certificate Hours Residency Required
Less than 8 All Hours Required at Kishwaukee College
8 - 15 3
16 - 30 6
31 - 45 9
46 - 60 12
61+ 15

Credit hours granted through non-traditional learning evaluation (e.g., CLEP, proficiency examination, etc.) may not be applied to meet residency requirements for graduation.

*Hours must be applicable to the degree or certificate.

Course Substitutions/Waivers A.A.S. and Certificate of Completion

In the Associate in Applied Science or Certificate of Completion programs, course substitutions or waivers may be appropriate depending on the student’s academic background, work experience, goals, and career plans. Students should discuss their programs with the faculty advisor in their program area. The faculty advisor may tentatively approve and recommend program changes.

Final approval of course substitutions and/or waivers rests with the faculty advisor’s appropriate Academic Dean and the Registrar.

Any substitutions and/or waivers must be documented in writing by the faculty advisor, approved in writing by the appropriate dean, and forwarded to the Student Services Office.

Second Associate Degree

A student who has received or qualified for one associate degree from Kishwaukee College may receive a second such degree upon satisfactory completion of all graduation requirements for the second degree, including an additional 15 credit hours of 100/200 level courses in residency at Kishwaukee College. All specific course requirements for the second degree must be satisfied and at least 15 credit hours of credit not applied to meet minimum requirements for the first degree must be applicable toward the second degree.

Second Certificate

Candidates for certificates must fulfill the appropriate residency requirements for each certificate pursued. Individual certificate residency requirements, however, may be waived for students who have fulfilled requirements for a degree through Kishwaukee College.

Graduation Honors
  • Associate Degrees

Students must have completed at least 30 credit hours of 100/200-level Kishwaukee College coursework to qualify for graduation honors for degree programs.

In addition, a 3.25 or higher cumulative grade point average (GPA) will receive the following honors posted to their academic records upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements:

Summa Cum Laude - 3.750 - 4.000
Magna Cum Laude - 3.500 - 3.749
Cum Laude - 3.250 - 3.499

In determining graduation honors for students in transfer degree programs (A.A. or A.S.), the calculation of the cumulative GPA will include 100/200 level Kishwaukee College courses.

For students completing the Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.), the Associate in Engineering Science (A.E.S.), or the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.), the program GPA (only Kishwaukee College coursework used toward degree requirements) is used to determine graduation honors eligibility.

  • Certificates

Students must have completed a minimum of six credit hours of Kishwaukee College coursework applicable to the certificate to qualify for graduation honors for certificate programs. Students who complete the requirements for a certificate from Kishwaukee College with a 3.250 or higher program GPA will be awarded the certificate with distinction. For certificate programs, the program GPA (only Kishwaukee College coursework used toward the certificate requirement) is used to determine graduation honors eligibility.